Navy Retro Bubble Letters Bamboo T-shirt


Relaxed fit
Machine wash 
70% bamboo, 30% soft cotton
    Featuring the words "Sky Outfitters" in retro bubble letters going across the front of the shirt. This look is cool, fun, and gives us major throw back vibes! Available in navy.

    Our bamboo t-shirts are soft, comfortable, and perfect to wear as an undershirt, for relaxing, to work out, or to work with a blazer thrown over top. Whether you choose a design or one of our plain colors, you really can't go wrong with these t-shirts. Every shirt sold is matched with a shirt donated to a homeless shelter.

    Sustainable. Soft. Sweat-resistant. The reasons we chose bamboo for our t-shirt material goes beyond just trying to be unique. Not only is bamboo more eco-friendly due to it using 1/3 less water to grow than cotton, as well as it being a self-replenishing resource, it’s also softer AND stronger than a typical cotton t-shirt. It’s extremely absorbent (40% more than even the finest organic cotton) and its breathability makes it an ideal fabric to wear in any weather.  Additionally, bamboo has an antimicrobial property that helps reduce bacteria on itself - which is just a fancy way of saying that these bamboo shirts will smell better and stay cleaner than any of the 100% cotton t-shirts in your closet.


    Chest flat measurement:
    [Small: 17.5 in]
    [Med: 19.5 in]
    [Large: 21.5 in]
    [XL: 23.5 in]

    Front body length:
    [Small: 27.5 in]
    [Med: 28.5 in]
    [Large: 29.5 in]
    [XL: 30.5 in]

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